History of Markupdev.com

Our company traces its roots in the already distant 2010. Actually, then we were not a company yet, but only a group of like-minded people who decided to start their own business. Like many others, we started from work contracts for existing companies. The work was humming. Soon among our customers were not only relatively large organizations, but also loner freelancers who did not have their own test servers. There was a need to show somewhere a working version to the client. For this purpose, the domain markupdev.com was registered.

The name was born from two words: markup, which means layout slicing, and dev, which is short for English word "development".

And since 2012 our site has been used as a test server for our customers. Given that we worked in the B2B segment, in 99% of cases we dealt with "semi-finished products". Some clients only needed modification of a design file into an HTML layout, some others, on the contrary, only needed the server part, and the other customers required design work...

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We liked our work but there was a lack of some sense of completeness. In addition to it, we worked under a strict non-disclosure agreement which meant that all copyrights belonged to our clients. Therefore, we could not and did not have right to impress customers and simply show our work.

Although sometimes there were orders for "turnkey websites", however, in these cases our customers were mainly our friends or acquaintances. Along with the development of sites we helped them with promotion as well. And then slowly, bit by bit, at first only for our cronies...

In 2017, we realized that we collected a couple of dozens of those "turnkey" sites, made from A to Z. And as you already guessed it, in our mind a new idea started up to provide a service that would be targeted at the end user. Moreover, the market for websites and services has experienced and is still experiencing wild growth. So in May 2017 we decided to launch markupdev.com as a separate service aimed at the segment of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Our days

Today, having accumulated a lot of experience in working with demanding customers, and most of them were high-level programmers, we are happy to provide our best practice for all comers.

Our experience in the development of sites and web applications can significantly reduce the time and money expenses. We pay great attention to mobile compatibility because today more than 50% of sales are carried out through mobile devices. And this number will only grow.

A cohesive team and a cozy working environment are what you need for fruitful work. We make every effort to ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with the cooperation with MarkupDev. The highest reward for any master is the realization that his work brings sincere joy and benefit to others. And of course, we hope to see you soon among our friends.